Advanced Form Elements

Knob input

Knob - Dial

Easily create knob input style.

Simple knob example

Dynamic knob example

Chosen select

With chosen select uesr can fase chose from large in select input.

Range Slider


Are perfect for range select option.

Example of: Set diapason from 0 to 5000, Adding postfix "+" to max value, Set slider type to double, Dollar symbol as prefix, Enable grid
Example of: Set diapason from 0 to 10, Set fractional step value: 0.1, Enable grid
Example of: Set diapason from -50 to +50, Set FROM value to 0, Add degree symbol as postfix
Example of:Change common slider numbers to custom (Month names). Using values array for that. Array can be any length, Slider will change min and max number automaticaly to fit values array length, Step parameter also will be changed to one, to allow to choose items in values array
Range Slider

Range Slider

Simple and clean range select slider.

Basic example

Range select example

Data Picker

Data picker

Simple and easy select a time for a text input using your mouse.



Is iOS 7 style switches for your checkboxes.

Color picker


Colorpicker plugin for the Twitter Bootstrap toolkit.

As normal input
As a link
Change background color
Input Mask

Input Mask

Input masks allows a user to more easily enter data where you would like them to enter the data in a certain format.

999 99 999 9999 9
(999) 999-9999
$ 999,999,999.99
Image cropper

A simple jQuery image cropping plugin.

Preview image

Comon method

You can upload new image to crop container and easy download new cropped image.

Other method

You may set cropper options with $({image}).cropper(options)