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Medical Music Therapy: Healing Harmony believes in viewing each patient holistically, taking into consideration their physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual needs. We offer individual and group sessions with those with neurological impairments and disorders.
  • To reduce/alleviate pain
  • To increase relaxation
  • To provide comfort
  • To increase reality orientation
  • To reduce heart rate
  • To improve speech
  • To reduce blood pressure
  • To regulate breathing
  • To increase reminiscence
  • To increase self-esteem
  • To increase communication
  • To increase social interaction
  • To increase quality of life
  • To provide spiritual/emotional support
  • To assist with ADL’s (Adult Daily Living)
Substance Abuse Recovery in Music Therapy: Healing Harmony offers group setting music therapy with those who struggle with Addiction and other Mental Health Disorders. We assist in providing a safe and non-threatening environment through several different music therapy interventions to achieve non-musical goals.
  • To increase mood
  • To increase relaxation/decrease agitation
  • To decrease impulsivity
  • To explore creativity
  • To increase self-esteem
  • To assist in healthy coping skills
  • To facilitate group cohesion.